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About us

»Cambium · Leben in Gemeinschaft« is in the process of becoming one of Austria’s most progressive large-scale community & eco-village projects. Since 2017, 50 adults and 25 children, embedded in a supportive network, have gradually transformed the former military base and refugee camp area into a consciously designed settlement aiming at long-term sustainability and a platform for development and networking on local and international level. Our efforts aim at installing our village as a lighthouse project in the region; an open hub for the exchange of knowledge, innovative ideas and best practices in sustainable living on a practical and deep personal level.

We strive to create a living space for about 100 people – a place for residency and work where people of all ages, different occupations and interests feel at home. We want to preserve traditional skills as well as apply meaningful sustainable technologies.

Living and working in ongoing dialogue with other locals and groups, we aim on building a solidarity economy and support interpersonal relationships on a deep personal level. We wish for mindfulness and respect in our personal relationships as well as an open attitude towards the other and her/his potential.

Organic farming, kitchen and catering, an academy for personal growth, new forms of co-working and other meaningful small business ventures are tangible ideas to put our vision into practical life.

Our fundraising campaign: the »wealth pool«

“Having money and needing money – both are often a taboo. Well, let’s just say it’s good that a lot of people have money and it’s also good that there are people who undertake worthwhile projects – even if they don’t have any money. A wealth pool brings them together.” (Markus Distelberger)

Having leased our land since 2017, in Mai 2019, we will buy the premises of the former military base – 9.8 acres of building land, 5.1 acres of developed land and 24.4 acres of military training ground which we are transforming into a sustainable biotope. The money needed for this important acquisition is 2.100.000 €. So far, together with our investors, we have been able to raise more than half of the amount required in a very short time:

Grafik zum aktuellen Stand des Vermögenspools

Our fundraising is based upon an innovative financial instrument called »wealth pool«. It supports a way of financing without banks, without interest – but with a secured value; a win-win situation. A »wealth pool« securely consolidates money (terminable loans) from many people. All the investments together carry our real-estate value. If, after some time, an investor withdraws her/his investment, another investor steps in. In such a way, the »water« in the pool is constantly circulating, and facilitates fluent transfers between withdrawals and new contributions. More about the financial instrument »wealth pool«:

We very much welcome your investment – if interested, please contact us at!

General contact Information

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